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What to Expect

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

What will my first massage session be like?

Plan to arrive 10 minutes early if it's your first time visiting. You will need to fill out a client history form, HIPPA form, and sign for permission to treat. In order to save time you can down load both a Covid Treatment Authorization form and a New Client History form. At the beginning of your treatment session I review all medical history to ensure that we treat your goals and at the same time look for any contraindications to massage to ensure your treatment is beneficial and safe. I also review the reasons you are getting a massage, current physical condition, life style and stress level, as well as experiences with specific areas of pain.  During the interview it is important  for me to know about any specific need you want addressed during the massage therapy session.  Finally we discuss the benefits you can expect from the different kinds of bodywork performed by me and progress to treatment.


All of the information you provide is confidential and can only be used to help me determine what techniques to use and how to structure a safe bodywork session.

Do you perform massage on patients with severe health problems?

As a licensed massage therapist in the state of Maryland I am considered to be a health care professional.  To qualify for a LMT license you must have completed a minimum of 600 hours of massage training and have at least 60 college credits of education in the allied health field. Additionally I hold a valid MD license as a physical therapist assistant and have experience working with multiple health conditions in a rehabilitation setting.  If you have specific concerns please contact me directly.

Do you massage clients with terminal or chronic illness?

Massage is often used to provide comfort to patients suffering with terminal or chronic illness. Massage techniques are adapted to suit the client’s current state of health and any presenting symptoms, in order to achieve the desired outcome. The pressure of the strokes tends to be lighter than those applied during a remedial massage.  If a client is unable to lie face-down on a massage table, there are other positioning options that can be considered during the session, such as lying on their side, being seated or sitting in a recliner.  Specific areas on the client’s body are avoided if they are contraindicated, such as massaging near an attached medical device.

What can I expect from massage and bodywork at this wellness clinic?

Individualized Treatment!

Please plan to spend time on the initial treatment going over medical history, completing a physical assessment, and discussing both primary and secondary goals for your treatment.  It is my desire to provide a thorough treatment using various methods to meet your goals.

Massage and bodywork operate on a continuum of healing.  Both treatments provide hands on work to the body’s fascial system.  Bodywork often requires movement of legs and arms for placement into positions of comfort or into positions of stretch.  The key here is movement.  Draping during this part of treatment takes time away from the treatment itself.  I therefore request that my patients wear loose fitting shorts and t-shirts to protect their modesty and save time during this part of the treatment.

In some cases I may also perform myofascial release with an extended hold on areas of fascial restriction (tender and firm areas which do not move like normal soft tissue).  For this part of treatment it is essential that my hands stick on the skin’s surface.  Lotions and oils prevent my hands from sticking to the skin’s surface and prevent me from performing this part of the treatment.

To finish treatment I often use Swedish/Deep tissue massage to improve local circulation, and promote relaxation.  If this part of treatment requires you to disrobe, I will leave the room and appropriate draping procedures will be used.  This means I will ask you to leave on underpants and slip under the sheets on the heated table.  Lotion or oil (your preference) will be used to help my hands glide over the surface for a relaxing finish to your treatment. I do not subscribe to the no pain/no gain theory of treatment. I will check several times during the treatment and ask, “Is this pressure ok?”  If at any time you feel uncomfortable you can use the words “ease up or hold” and I will stop to adjust the treatment to your comfort level.


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